VBS Overview 2020

Welcome to Virtual VBS 2020! Since we can't gather a massive crowd of children and volunteers for our traditional face to face Vacation Bible School, Zion will be offering a virtual version of our program. This virtual VBS will include morning and early evening services, Bible lessons, segments on Luther's Small Catechism, and a fun craft for each day. Click here for a downloadable plan of VBS 2020 that includes Bible lessons, Bible verses, and catechism portions of the day.

Below you will find messages from each of our volunteers regarding their specific sections of Virtual VBS 2020! Enjoy!

Morning Service

Each day of VBS will begin with an opening prayer service. We will follow the "Daily Prayer For Individuals and Families," titled "Morning," found on page 295 of the Lutheran Service Book.

Each day there will be a psalm, hymn, Bible verse, and catechism prayer. These portions of our prayer service will relate to the Bible story and Small Catechism segments of the day. As you work through the other activities of VBS, keep this in mind!


–Vicar Lacey

Bible Lessons

Welcome to VBS Bible Lessons!


In our time together, we are going to learn about five events in Scripture. Each day we will focus on hearing the text, learning what it means, and reviewing what we have learned. It is crucial that the parents/adults are following along as well. That way, you can answer any questions that come up. 


Thanks and God Bless!

–Pastor Kahle


Welcome to VBS Catechism!

At our virtual VBS, we will be looking at Martin Luther's Small Catechism. We will talk about the Holy Spirit and His role in the Holy Trinity, Baptism, Confession & Absolution, and the Sacrament of the Altar. You won't want to miss meeting with our special guest, Katherine Luther, to learn what her husband, Martin, has gleaned from the Scriptures and written in the Small Catechism.

Bis dann!  

–Merinda Kahle


Welcome to VBS Crafts!

Instead of making things to take home this year, I have included some crafts/activities that you can do at home and on repeat, as needed. Most of the activities that are included should be things that you already have at home.

I wish I could take credit for them, but why re-create the wheel when so many Pinterest moms have already done it for us!


–Cyndi Weiss

Early Evening Service

At the end of each day of VBS, we'll hold a closing prayer service. We will follow the "Daily Prayer For Individuals and Families," titled "Early Evening," found on page 297 of the Lutheran Service Book.

During our closing service, we will make use of the same psalm, hymn, Bible verse, and catechism prayer as used in opening service. As we pray together, consider again how these portions relate to the overall theme of the day.

The LORD bless y'all in your prayer as a household!

–Vicar Lacey